ROUX Helmets – The Complete ROUX R-1 Composite Helmet Review

ROUX R-1 Composite Helmet In-depth Review

Posted: June _, 2017   | Author: Kiona B. Campbell Categories:  Driver, Helmets


DiscoveryParts saw the first pre-production versions of Roux helmets almost two years ago. Days, weeks, months had gone by before we received our first two pallets of final production SA2015 Roux helmets in fiberglass, composite and 2 versions of carbon. Why is there a Roux helmet when there’s already an existing powerful brand that was the originator of the fully featured and customizable auto racing helmet – Stilo. So where does Roux fit in?

While the Roux Composite might look similar to other sparkly new top brand helmets from afar, it holds a few secrets within its shell. DiscoveryParts features the SA2015 and FIA 8859 rated Roux R-1 Composite Helmet and informs racers of what sets this particular helmet apart from the rest.

Let’s take a closer look at the details within the Roux R-1 Composite package.



When we reviewed the Bell M8, we talked up the bright and sturdy cardboard box that encased it. But Roux has raised the bar for even the best helmets with its trendy box. To put it simply, this is the kind of box you find under the Christmas tree that usually has something in it to get your adrenaline pumping around Christmas time, or the kind of box your grandkids find in your attic 30 years from now, still in-tact with old photos in it from your racing days. The outside of the box is a winner not only at first glance but upon deep observation. The thick, black, glossy cardboard used to make the box resembles plastic, which is high-quality in comparison to the thinner paper appearance of the cardboard other brands use. To top it all off, Roux has an awesome logo that is advertised on all sides of the box, usually in their theme colors of red and black. The entire inside surface area is lined with a soft fabric foam opposed to the styrofoam blocks that Bell and Stilo use for packaging. This is ideal for packaging and keeping your helmet in mint condition. The lining is even removable so you can replace it or take it out completely if you desire.




Upon opening the box, the excitement intensifies. It is jam-packed with stuff.

Remember when you were a kid and you would walk into the local drug store with your mom and they had those little mystery packages? Usually, they’d only cost you a dollar of your chore money but would be full of different kinds of candy and maybe a small toy.  Your purchase of the Roux R-1 Composite is very similar to that experience because you get a total of ELEVEN products including the box and each item is wrapped in its own velvet draw-string satchel:

The Roux R-1 Composite helmet, the clear shield that is attached to your helmet, an extra shield (dark gray smoke shield), shield-adjustment hardware, three different sizes of earmuff spacers, two different sizes of cheek pad inserts, and a sheet of thirty-one decorative visor stickers. Like Russian dolls, you just keep opening one smile to find another.


[Once we open the box, we find many items. Starting on the left and going to the right: Roux R-1 Helmet in a thick, plush helmet sock, sticker sheet with 31 different decals, extra shield (dark smoke) in an awesome velvet satchel bag, a complete set of visor hardware in it’s own velvet satchel bag, detachable foam lined Roux branded box, 3 complete sets of sealed sizes of earmuff spacers, 2 complete sets of different sized of cheek pad inserts). The Roux Helmet Kit truly lives up to it’s name.]


(opened products without bags and helmet sock)


What makes the helmet so great? Well, it is also jam-packed with even more stuff.

Let’s start with aesthetics: this helmet looks cool. It’s aerodynamic in curvature. The enamel is a masculine silver but with a shimmer that will make you have flashbacks to the first time you saw a Grigio Silverstone Ferrari. To finish off the look, there’s a deep red logo sticker lining the visor that displays the Roux racing brand.



I’ve heard what separates a real racer from a car guy is the formula “function over fashion”. While we’ve already covered that the Roux R-1 Composite has the fashion element, it is definitely a racer’s helmet. It’s lined in extra thick nomex padding for comfort and protection, but is well vented for breathability. Since it comes with said attachable cheek pads and earmuff spacers, you get the perfect fit no matter how funkily shaped your noggin is. It also has a wide, clear visor for great visibility.


Now to reveal its real secrets. Oh, you thought we were done? Nope! Hidden in the meat of the Roux R-1 is a Roux Cool-X integrated water cooling system and temp regulator, a pre-installed drink tube, noise-canceling padding and microphone/speaker pad combination for radio function, pre-installed Hans anchors, and lastly, has an emergency release function for quick safe removal. This is a must, seeing that the sole purpose of a helmet is to keep you safe if you’re ever involved in an accident.


One of the first Easter eggs we find when we take a peek inside is the noise canceling flex-boom microphone. It’s small and off to the side so it will never interfere with your comfort. The strength of the flex boom is perfect, moves firmly but easily and keeps the microphone inside the foam cover barely touching your upper lip. This is done right.


If you dig a little deeper within the cushion, you’ll start to feel a light ribbed lining along the top of the helmet – these are the hidden Roux CoolX water cooling system tubing.


If you pull back the thicker padding along the bottom of the helmet, you’ll notice some hidden red pull-loops. You’ve found your Roux Emergency Release System. Like Mom always said, if you have it, you will never need it.  Good job here Roux (and Mom).


To raise your helmet off your head without having any loads to your neck, we simply pull outward with the Roux Emergency Release System. To use it you simply pull the red loops down to release a thin lining that covers most of the surface area of the helmet. The lining will then detach and the helmet can quickly and smoothly come off. For future wear, the lining can be pressed back into the helmet and the red loops slid back between the folds of padding, suddenly invisible once more.

COMPARISONS: Roux R-1 Composite vs Stilo ST5 Composite

But many helmets have neat features. You want to know what your options are and why should you consider this helmet among other brands.

What pushes this helmet in the racing world is that it has all the function available in one package, so you’re getting more bang for your buck without sacrificing any of the performance.

To answer the most common Roux question, “What does it weigh”. Let’s bring out our trusty shipping scale and bring out both the Roux R-1 Composite (Size Medium 57cm) and the Stilo ST5 Composite (Size Medium 57cm also) to compare what people would say are some of our top-notch helmets available. Here are the results and the with some surprising images.



Stilo ST5 GT Medium 57cm weighs in at 3.3lb


Stilo ST5 GT Medium 57cm  and CoolShirt Cool-A-Clava weigh in at 3.6lbs


(Stilo ST5 GT Medium, CoolShirt Cool-A-Clava and Stilo Electronics Kit weighed in at 3.9lb)


Stilo ST5 GT Medium, CoolShirt Cool-A-Clava, Stilo Electronics Kit and Stilo Hydration weighed in at 3.9lb, surprisingly (or not) the Stilo Hydration kit didn’t weigh enough to be recognized by our trusty shipping scale.


Stilo ST5 GT Medium, CoolShirt Cool-A-Clava, Stilo Electronics Kit, Stilo Hydration and Hans Post Anchors weighed in at 4.0lbs



The Roux R-1 Composite size Medium (57cm) weighs in at 3.8

There is only one picture needed as the Roux R-1 Composite helmet includes all the items we added to the Stilo ST5 GT to make everything equal. To really see how much you could get for the price of the Roux Helmet Kit, let’s look at the Roux vs Stilo chart that compares the Stilo ST5 Composite to the Roux R-1 Composite not just in weight, but also price. We know racers love charts, so enjoy.


Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 1-44-12 PM

The Roux R-1 Composite weighed in at 3.8lbs and costs $899.95 on compared to the Stilo ST5 Composite equally outfitted is 4lbs and costs $1,412.00.



Products were weighed in on our store shipping scale, so this is an estimate and may not be exact. But for the science hobbiests out there, the variables including barometric pressure, temperature, and shipping scale were all constant.


Needless to say, both are excellent brands, but through close observation, the Roux R-1 Composite is an excellent steal for everything the package deal comes with. Be sure to check it out here at


Hopefully, you found this review useful. Thank you for reading! Always feel free to post comments or questions in the comment section below and I will be happy to answer them as quickly as possible. Also, if you’d like to read more articles and reviews, I would appreciate feedback and suggestions for more ideas. Don’t forget to comment your thoughts in the comments below.


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