August 13th, 2017 – OMW!

The first of anything is the hardest for me to compose. In every writing class I’ve endured throughout my college career, I vomited the first essay of the semester onto thin sheets of notebook paper, bringing confused reactions from my familiar professors’ faces. Maybe it’s just getting into the groove of things or the weight of first impressions bogging me down – breathe – I love to write.

A portion of this blog will be devoted to experience in published writing and marketing: product reviews, articles, event recaps, and design. I have recently had prayers answered and doors opened, opportunities to write in the motorsports field for DiscoveryParts and FortyTwo Motorsports, two companies that specialize in keeping car enthusiasts happy and safe while racing (or testing their car’s limits at track days). This portion of the blog will exist as a fraction of my technical writing and design portfolio.

Before you read on, get this straight: I am not a “car-girl”. I don’t even own a car at the moment. I have grown to love cars and what some are capable of. I’m intrigued by their design and their stereotypes. I have grown to love and appreciate the track community and enjoy gliding across curvacious mountain ranges with friends. But I am a writer and in comparison to those who tag themselves as #cargirls, #[car brand]girl’sname and #girlswhodrive[…] –  I am of a different entity.

Ultimately, the potential of this blog is me. Some of it will be Naked. Unscripted. Controversial. Unsettling. Some of it will be the day-to-day count of events in the life of a struggling, sheltered college student who has just arrived on the other side of the real world’s door. As I set my raggedy, skimpily packed carrion by my feet to give my arm a rest as I look around in contemplation of where to step next. Graduation is approaching with a loud roar. Where she once sounded like distant thunder, warning me to pay all the little fees, to start thinking about financial programs for paying back loans, and to move my .edu email to a gmail account, she is now visible lightning striking at my feet and I need a job – no – a career, security, steady ground. This might be a journey that encompasses many trials, corners, black flags, bokoblins, broken limbs and windshields – but I’m on my way.



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