Friends Close, Enemies Closer

Maybe it's because I grew up with mostly boys. A tomboy. A daddy's girl. Maybe due to a build-up of the scum of my own insecurities over the years - somewhere along my timeline I developed a hatred of women. It didn't entirely start out as hate. It started small, I think, with a label … Continue reading Friends Close, Enemies Closer

Nostalgia (excerpt)

And where is the magic? The magic you felt when you were sitting at the top of the staircase in that large, dimly lit room with the high ceiling, staring down through the banisters at the Christmas bells dangling over the fireplace. A fire being absent in the brick pit with dancing reflections glittering all … Continue reading Nostalgia (excerpt)

Things Journalism Majors Should Consider before Graduation

Not so much words of wisdom, but words of warning I know what's going through your mind: I see the whirlwind of fear and excitement. I predict that this next year is going to feel like the busiest year of your life. I know that you're already tired, worn, and feeling more ready to be … Continue reading Things Journalism Majors Should Consider before Graduation